DDC is open for public 24x7 in a year. 
Wide range covering above 2500 blood and urine test. 
X-Ray Facility. 
Ultrasound Scanning. 
Home Collection Facility. 
Nursing Facility.
Test Specific Medical Camps. 
Health Packages.

Complete range of Investigations
The Group is having a complete range of investigations under one roof.Tests/Investigations are done by using internationally accepted kits and chemicals.  Adequate number of refrigerators and deep freezers are provided to each department for storing the kits and chemicals.   

The Group has the privilege of being the fully automated laboratory in private sector in Kerala. The centers are equipped with state of art fully/semi automated imported Bio-Medical equipments. (Annexure III).  Daily calibration of the equipments is done in each department to maintain the accuracy of the machine. 

Computerization and communication facilities
Our services are fully computerized. Separate computer terminals are provided to each department.  We have developed our own software for billing, reporting and accounts.  Effective communication system is the success of our laboratory.  Emergency reports are relayed through telephone, fax or e-mail.